Cardinal's HOPE

The Diocese serves as a visible sign of Christ on earth, granting people inner peace and hope.

Over the last 180 years, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong has been playing a significant role in the well-being of Hong Kong, fostering mutual trust, building an inclusive community and protecting human rights.

Through its 52 parishes, the Diocese serves as a visible sign of Christ on earth. In a society when people might be poor in spirit, when values might have been distorted, especially under the current pandemic, the Church grants people inner peace and hope, and assists them in the search for the direction and meaning of life, and empowers them to continue to love.

In 252 Catholic schools, we uphold the core values of truth, justice, love, life and family to develop students spiritually, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically under a whole-person approach, shape them into responsible citizens in a predominantly service economy and equip them with necessary skill sets to partake in the continual development of Hong Kong.

Of equal importance are the various social services the Diocese offers to the general public, in the areas of counselling, elderly, rehabilitation, community and hospitality service. Recipients of these services come from various age groups, religious and education background of which over 90% are non-Catholics. Under this pandemic, the Church also cares for the underprivileged and the needy through various groups and ministries.

The Church and the well-being of Hong Kong are indeed interlinked. In the next 10 years, we would need over $1 billion to sustain and improve our services to the community and we surely count on your support to achieve it.

Funds raised will be primarily allocated for the establishment of new churches in Fanling and Tung Chung, and the major repairs of some existing ones. A certain portion will be designated for the development of Catholic cemeteries. Our needs for funding are instant as certain works have been commenced.

Let us do what we can to make this fund-raising campaign a great success! Let us join hands to build a better future for Hong Kong!

Jesus says, “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving”. (Acts 20:35)

May the Lord bless you all with grace and peace in abundance!

Cardinal John Tong
Apostolic Administrator