1. If I am making donations through credit card, how much time will it take for the Diocese to debit from my credit card?

    If it is an online donation made through credit card, it will be debited immediately. If it is an offline donation with details of a credit card provided on a donation form, it will be debited within four weeks after the Diocese receives the form.

  2. When will I get a receipt for my contribution?

    A receipt will be sent to you by email or post within three weeks upon receipt of your donation.

  3. Will I enjoy tax deduction?

    Yes, donation of $100 or above will be tax deductible.

  4. Why do we need to support the development of cemeteries when their operations do generate income?

    The operation of cemeteries indeed generates some income. However, the surplus every year is only sufficient to sustain routine repair and maintenance. The Diocese will have to support and fund large-scale development works.

Monthly Donation

  1. Can I sign up as a Monthly Donor online?

    Not for the time being as the bank we work with is yet to set it up. We are delighted that you are considering to be a Monthly Donor. Please fill in the donation form and send it back to us.

  2. If I sign up as a Monthly Donor via credit card, what should I do when the card expires?

    When your current credit card is about to expire, colleagues from the Procuration Office of the Diocese or a member of the Fund-raising Commission will contact you to confirm if you would like to continue your support as a Monthly Donor. If so, you will be requested to provide updated information.

  3. What if I decide not to be a Monthly Donor one day?

    One day, if you decide to stop being a Monthly Donor, please send us an email to advise us.

  4. Can I specify the period for monthly donations?

    Yes, you can. If you wish to donate monthly for a defined period, please clearly indicate so on the form.

  5. If I become a Monthly Donor through the setting up of a Standing Instruction at my bank, is there anything I need to do after going to the bank?

    If you are contributing as a Monthly Donor through the setting up of a Standing Instruction at the bank, please send us back a copy of the bank instructions together with a donation form duly completed. This way, we can track the incoming funds and send acknowledgement and receipt to you accordingly.

Policy Donation

  1. What do I need to do if I want to make the Diocese a beneficiary of my life insurance policy?

    If you intend to make the Diocese a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, please contact your insurance intermediary or agent to change the beneficiary and percentage of the policy.

    If you are arranging for a new policy, you can simply include “The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong" as one of your beneficiaries.

    Please put on the form SO9000002 as the company registration number of The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

    When the above is done, please send a message (WhatsApp 5291 4295 or email to to let the diocese learn about your will.

  2. Can I make the Diocese the sole beneficiary (i.e. give her 100%) of my life insurance policy?

    According to the program rules, the maximum you can give to the Diocese is 99%.

  3. Must it be life insurance policy? Can it be other policies such as annuity or hospitalization?

    Yes, according to the spirit of the program, which is to pass on love after one departs, the policy concerned is best to be a life insurance policy.

Fund Allocation & Project Status

  1. Who will decide how the funds raised are allocated?

    The Diocese will decide how the funds raised will be allocated.

  2. How will the funds raised be allocated?

    The funds raised by this Commission will be used on church building, development (such as expansion of Catholic cemeteries) and repair of churches (for those parishes that cannot raise sufficient funds themselves to do the work). All donations received will be applied exclusively for approved projects. Funding will be allocated according to the priority assigned to the projects as decided by the Diocese.

    From time to time, through the Commission's website, the latest information on funds received, the status of approved projects, and the allocation of funds to projects will be provided. You may come back to this website and get updates.

  3. Can I designate my contribution to a certain project or initiative supported by the Fund-raising Commission?

    Reference to Q13 and Q14 above, although we encourage donors to leave this decision to the Diocese, you may still designate your contribution to a certain project or initiative supported by the Fund-raising Commission. Please indicate clearly on the donation form.

  4. How do I keep track of the progress of the projects funded by the Diocese?

    You may periodically log on to our website and check under “Projects”. Progress will be regularly updated therein with text, photos and videos where appropriate.

Governance and Data Protection

  1. What is the administrative cost for the funds raised?

    All funds raised are available for meeting the costs of building and development works as all administrative expenses are borne by the Diocese.

  2. How will my personal data be handled?

    The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong highly respects the privacy, confidentiality and security of personal information of our website visitors and is fully committed to complying with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Please refer to our Personal Information Collection Statement and Privacy Policy Statement as uploaded on the website.

In Addition to Monetary Contribution

  1. I like to share how I feel about donating. How should I go about it?

    The Commission welcomes donors sharing with others their motivation, thought and feelings about supporting the Church. Please send your sharing to However, as there may be a large number of sharing, the Commission may or may not post your sharing on the website.

  2. I like to serve as a volunteer. How should I go about it?

    If you are interested to serve as a volunteer, please email to us ( your background, areas that you like to serve and availability. We shall be in touch with you.

  3. What are the talents and/or skills the Commission is looking for?

    Please take reference to our call for volunteers as posted on the website. At this stage, we particularly look for volunteers that can assist us in copywriting, translation, graphic design, webpage design, webpage and contents management, as well as photography and/or videography. Volunteers in areas such as logistics and general affairs are also welcome.