3 Feb 2021

The Commission is pleased to announce the following successful bidders for the art pieces donated by clerics and religious:

Article No. Name of Art Piece Author Successful bidders
Ref No. Charity Bid Price
A-1 Prayer to our Father Sr Laura Watt 100094 30,000
A-2 Beatitude in 8 characters Sr Laura Watt 100109 30,000
A-3 Fate through ink Sr Laura Watt 100094 28,000
A-4 I Corinthians 13:4-8 Sr Laura Watt 100095 21,000
B-1 Bamboo conveying a wish of peace & safety Rev John Tsang 100120 18,000
B-2 Bamboo in the wind Rev John Tsang 100081 50,000
B-3 Peace bestowed by God Rev John Tsang 100083 42,000
B-4 Thanksgiving Rev John Tsang 100098 18,000
C-1 Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary Rev Joseph Yim 100017 200,000
C-2 Good deeds and good work last Rev Joseph Yim 100085 100,000
D-1 Home of God’s love Rev Edward Chau 100121 30,300
D-2 I am proud because of You Rev Edward Chau 100103 26,800
D-3 Peace of mind Rev Edward Chau 100018 80,000
D-4 The home of longevity and ever Rev Edward Chau 100123 20,000
D-5 The home of purity in heart and ever happiness Rev Edward Chau 100114 30,000
E-1 Ephesians 4:2 Rev William Yip 100090 21,000
E-2 Romans 12:12 Rev William Yip 100115 60,000
E-3 Matthew 16:26 Rev William Yip 100065 25,000
E-4 Ecclesiastes 3:11 Rev William Yip 100088 20,000
E-5 Romans 12:14 Rev William Yip 100091 25,000
F-1 Silence so as to communicate with Heaven Rev Joseph Tham 100118 20,000
F-2 Kangxi’s poem on Catholicism Rev Joseph Tham 100082 25,000
F-3 Self-control Rev Joseph Tham 100011 15,000
F-4 Immersed moon Rev Joseph Tham 100122 30,000
F-5 Dewfall on mystical roses Rev Joseph Tham 100119 38,000
G-1 Spring descending to earth Rev Nicolas de Francqueville 100099 20,000
G-2 Universal love Rev Nicolas de Francqueville 100097 15,500
G-3 Faith, Hope, Love Rev Nicolas de Francqueville 100035 18,000
G-4 Be grateful in everything Rev Nicolas de Francqueville 100096 50,500
H-1 Clear stream water on the pebbles Deacon Francis Fung 100063 16,000
H-2 Treacherous wolves Deacon Francis Fung 100037 17,000

We wish to record our most heartfelt “thank you” to all those who have generously offered their bids, and to all those who have visited the exhibition online in support of our event. We certainly hope it was an enlightening spiritual experience for all visitors, to have meditated through the calligraphies and paintings, and through the sharing by the authors in videos.

Presentation of art pieces will be conducted from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on 6 February at the Diocese Centre. Successful bidders will be contacted individually by a dedicated member of the Commission. For enquiries, please call 5291 4295.

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