8 Feb 2021

With the presentation of art pieces to successful bidders on 6 February, the Thy Kingdom Come Online Exhibition & Charity Bidding was brought to a successful close.

Calligraphies and paintings donated by clerics and religious have found a new home with faithful, accompanying them as they pursue the kingdom of God on earth. Over $1.5 million was raised through the event from those who offered their bids and those who donated to support the event without bidding.

Among the successful bidders, there were groups who pulled together their efforts to jointly bid for one or two. Parishioners from St Lawrence's Church said they realized the limits of individuals and thus consolidated funds from several ministries with only one purpose, which was to raise more to assist the development of the Diocese. Inclusion among the groups was also fostered during the process.

Hong Kong Catholic Nurses Guild deployed the same means for two art pieces by Sr Laura Watt. Mr Kenneth Kwan, their Vice-Chair said, "We know Sr Laura is skilled and experienced in calligraphy. Plus, she is the spiritual director of our group, so supporting her and the Diocese at the same time is like killing two birds with one stone."

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion with the Cathedral has also fused their efforts and successfully bidden for a couplet – "Peace bestowed by God" by Rev John Tsang. As the Lunar New Year draws near, the couplet is hung on the pillars at the entrance of the Cathedral. Convener of the Group Mrs Eleanor Lam said, "Members of our ministry are very close to one another. In addition to service, we pray together and meet up like a family. The couplet reminds us of the peace and harmony we have in our group and surely hope others will share the same, especially at this time when quite a number of people are feeling distressed under the pandemic."

Individual bidder Mr and Mrs Kwok, who were successful in bidding "The Immersed Moon" by Rev Joseph Tham said, "The event is very meaningful by integrating charity with the mission of intercultural and interreligious dialogue advocated by Vatican Council II... In facing the consequences of pandemic due to environmental destruction by humanity, the painting brings out the ecological spirituality and conversion advocated by Pope Francis which also echoes the Chinese cultural wisdom of harmony and union between heaven and humanity."

Rev Benedict Lam, Chairperson of the Fund-raising Commission, thanked donors for their kind support, those that have offered their bids but were not successful this time and many others who have visited the exhibition online. All the funds raised will be used to support the church building and development initiatives of the Diocese.

He added, "After Jesus dispatched His apostles to spread the Good News, they came back to share results of evangelization, very much like what we are doing today. Successful bidders would bring home an art piece they like while supporting the church building initiative of the Diocese. May the Lord bless us all, as we share the joy of evangelization and assist in building the Church at the same time."

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