3 June 2021

In response to the appeal of the Catholic Education Office, 99 Diocesan secondary and primary schools as well as kindergartens come together in June 2021 to take part in a rope skipping charity rally in support of the Diocese’s church building and development initiatives.

Mr. Peter Lau, the Episcopal Delegate for Education, hopes that through this activity, students will be encouraged to take up regular exercise to foster a wholesome lifestyle to help fight against the coronavirus on the one hand; and on the other, to remind all stakeholders of Diocesan schools, parents and students in particular, of the need to be grateful and be united to requite God’s grace with benevolent deeds to others.

“The Church has always been the place where we promulgate God’s goodness and realize the virtue of love by organizing various social and educational activities for our community. It is also the spiritual filling station for a great many believers, non-believers and volunteers. It is therefore duty-bound for stakeholders of catholic schools to play a part in the Diocese’s church building initiative,” added Mr Lau.

Rev. Benedict Lam, the Chairperson of the Diocesan Fund-raising Commission for Church Building and Development, considered it a brilliant and interesting idea to link up rope skipping and fund-raising. Rope skipping is a sport that requires relatively simple equipment and is not limited by facility. One can practise alone and in almost anywhere. It promotes the development of the brains, one’s spatial awareness, reading ability and retention power; all of them essential to the development of young children and adolescents at schools. To the students participating in this rally, while challenging themselves physically, they will also be able to find joy in helping others and this yields double results with a single effort.

All participating schools will meet on Monday, 28 June at 9:00 am at the Yaumatei Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) to take part in the Rope Skipping Charity Rally. Student representatives will join in a skipping relay to manifest the communion and love of the Church. The rally will also kick off the various rope skipping fund-raising activities organized by the 99 schools individually.

Small drops of water make an ocean. Do call 5291 4295 for more details if you like to render support!

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