2 Jul 2021

“The Virgin Mary is a very important figure in the Roman Catholic Church. That’s why we like to dedicate an evening to her as we prepare for Our Lady’s Assumption,” said Ms Jessica Ng, local performer and a Catholic.

The concert features both secular and sacred vocal interpretations of Mother Mary through the ages. “As worshippers experience the divine love for Christ through Mary’s gaze, so can we deepen our love for Christ through music and contemplation,” Ms Ng added, “We chose ‘Stella Maris’ as the theme coz Mother Mary is our guiding star to Christ the Lord.”

Herself a soprano, she will partner with Ms Pheobe Tam (soprano), Ms Jeannette Lee (mezzo-soprano) Mr Isaac Droscha (baritone), Ms Cheryl Chan (violin) and Ms Ariele Zanini (piano) in the concert to be held in the evening of 13 August at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, HKAPA.

Tickets are available at $330 (early bird till 6 Aug) and $380 (regular) from the HK Ticketing network (www.hkticketing.com) or ticketing hotline 31 288 288.

Proceeds from tickets will be donated to The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong to support its fund-raising initiatives for church building and development. For this event, a donor will be supporting too, through a 1:1 matching for all proceeds from ticket sales.

Rev Benedict Lam, Chairperson of the Fund-raising Commission expressed his gratitude to all those supporting the event.

Act now to double your impact of donation to the Church while indulging yourself in a musical performance devoted to our Blessed Mother Mary.

For further information, please call 5291 4295.

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