11 Aug 2021

On 7 August when St Lawrence’s Church celebrated her Feast Day and the 61st anniversary, the Parish donated $500,000 to the Diocese to support her church building and development needs.

The parish specifically invited Rev. Benedict Lam, Chairperson of the Diocesan Fund-raising Commission for Church Building and Development (“the Commission”) to celebrate the Thanksgiving mass. Charity sale of masks, St. Joseph’s illuminous lamps, hand sanitizer and towels was carried out after the mass, allowing parishioners to support through different ways.

Parish Priest Rev. Stephen Ip said, "Every parish should render her support to the Diocese. The Catholic Church is our big family and a place to nurture our faith. Faithful comes back every Sunday to attend mass and receive the Holy Communion, nourishing their body, mind and soul, gathering strength to spread the Good News."

An episode took place on that day which touched the heart of all the Commission members. A parishioner stood in front of the counters for quite some time. He kept watching and finally asked one of the members of the Commission whether there would be charity sale again next week. He said he hadn’t got enough cash with him as he didn’t know there was such event scheduled. He left after he was told that there would be no charity sale in the next week. Soon after, he came back with a few hundred dollars, put them all in the donation box and bought some masks and towels.

On this Sunday, over $100,000 was raised at St. Lawrence's Church. Rev. Benedict sincerely thanked them on behalf of the Diocese, for their generosity and support, and prayed that God will continue to bless the parish!

(Article provided by a member of St. Lawrence’s Church)

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