23 Oct 2020

In response to an appeal by the Diocese, Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section) raised fund for the Diocesan church building and development initiative on their Maryknoll Day* (the Friday before Mission Sunday, on 16 October this year).

Rev. Joseph V. McCabe, Asia Regional Superior of Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, and Ms. Agnes Garman Yeh, Supervisor of the Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section) partook in the Maryknoll Day celebration. Fr. McCabe shared with teachers and students the history of the missionary services of the Maryknoll fathers all over the world while the School Principal Dr. Ng Wai Man elaborated the meaning of Maryknoll Day. This was followed by hymn singing led by the school choir saying thanks to the great contribution of Maryknoll fathers, and the commissioning of Primary one to four student representatives as well as all Primary five and six students praying to the Lord, that the students will perform well their own duties, inherit the evangelization spirit of Maryknoll fathers who have travelled from afar to spread the Good News in China, serve as His witness, care for the underprivileged and strive to create a loving and just community.

This year, in order to give students the opportunity to put in action benevolence, a fund-raising activity was organized to support the Diocesan fund-raising initiative for church building and development to meet the increasing needs of pastoral care. It was also a “Dress Casual Day” for students.

Fund-raising for the building of churches is indeed an important and meaningful act. Churches allow faithful (and non faithful) to step into Jesus’ residence, to be with Him and talk to Him. It is a place to worship God, conduct various liturgies and is surely a visible sign of Christ on earth. Teachers and students donated generously in support of the event.

* Maryknoll Day commemorates the evangelization mission of Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers around the world when students can learn more about their mission and the Catholic vision of establishing schools. Maryknoll fathers founded Maryknoll Fathers’ School in 1957, at a time when resources in Hong Kong were scarcest. With incomparable perseverance and love, Maryknoll fathers have assisted the poor and provided education to many, who have later become the backbone of the society for many generations. We are indebted to Maryknoll fathers for travelling all the way to preach in China and for their contributions to impoverished societies in various parts of the world.

Article contributed by Maryknoll Fathers’ School (Primary Section)

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