St. Joseph’s Church

Extension of St. Joseph's Church in Fanling

In 1949, the Bishop appointed Rev. Ambrose Poletti, PIME to service the West New Territories Deanery. Rev Poletti started by renting the former residence of Mr. Tang Kun Leung (where Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood now located), nurturing 20 to 30 Catholics. This was the birth of St Joseph’s Church. In the 1950’s, philanthropist Mr. Chu Yan Kit donated a piece of land to the Church and in 1953, construction of St Joseph’s Church was completed, paying tribute to Saint Joseph the worker.

The Church was listed as Grade 3 Historic Building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office in 2011.

The soaring population in Fanling has put a strain on the facilities of the parish. Expansion of the church is urgently needed to strengthen the evangelical work and to support other areas of the Northern New Territories including Kwu Tung, San Tin, Man Kam To and Lok Ma Chau.

Going an extra mile for architectural design – Light and shades, joy and sorrow of a church below ground

Many spectacular Christian architectural works are the sublimation of art reflecting fervent faith and working around physical limitations. They not only provide energy and spiritual ambience to the churches but also demonstrate the wisdom and talent bestowed by our Lord.

Graded as a historical building, the building itself cannot be altered but preserved. Though with an additional lease of 1,510 square metres of land, the Church still felt the pinch as they had to adopt a low density design and the new building could not block the sight of the existing one. Eventually the idea of going below the ground was stormed out of the box. The Seven Sorrows and Joys of Saint Joseph was adopted as the theme of the church featuring light and shades, sorrow and joy.

The new structure comprises a church in the basement that will house 700-800 people, a roof top garden, a new bell tower, a multi-purpose activity centre, an open foyer, a parking lot and a dormitory for priests.

Construction has already commenced in February 2019 and is scheduled to complete in 36 months.

Estimated cost of the project is about HK$300 million.

Jan 2022
Superstructure works in progress

Works in progress

Sep 2021
Superstructure works in progress

Superstructure works in progress

June 2020
Excavation completed

Excavation completed

Feb 2019

Works commenced

Nov 2018

Ground-breaking ceremony

May 2018

Adjacent land granted by the Government

Before 2017

St Joseph’s Church listed as Grade 3 Historic Building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office


Application submitted to use the adjacent land as extension of St Joseph’s Church