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Diocese is our Home, let’s build together.

Chinese New Year Blessings

At the beginning of the New Year, I wish all brothers and sisters in Christ a healthy body and mind in vigorous spirit! We inevitably miss those dear to us during the festive season and I would like to express my gratitude to the late Bishop Michael Yeung for setting up the Diocesan Fund-raising Commission for Church Building and Development to support the construction of new churches and additional columbarium niches; as well as the maintenance of various parishes and funding for future development. With the vision of Bishop Yeung and through the commitment of the Commission, all faithful are invited to participate directly in supporting the ministry of church development according to our Christian duties. I would like to thank our Catholic community and members of the Commission for their dedication and contributions in the past three years. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I look forward to the continued efforts of our new chairman, Rev. Dominic Chan, and his team, in fulfilling Bishop Yeung’s aspirations for this ongoing sacred task. At the beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis spoke of the importance of “creativity”, and “creativity” refers to “discovering new ways”, that is, “finding the best way to evangelise”, especially in the face of the pandemic. While taking care of our brothers and sisters under the havoc of COVID, we aim at being creative in raising the necessary diocesan resources and in spreading the gospel in an ingenious way.

Rev Benedict Lam
Ex-Chairman (2019-2021)
Diocesan Fund-raising Commission for Church Building and Development

February 2022