Life insurance has always provided us with a means to do our part for our beloved ones, to ensure that their quality of life is maintained when we return to heaven one day. Today, we invite you to do the same for your beloved community – the Church, the body of Christ.

Precisely because we are loved by God unconditionally in the first place and graced by Him as we take this worldly journey, with gratitude we leave behind what He has given us, so that the Church has sufficient resources to save souls and build His kingdom on earth.

Only if you will……

Act now! Donate 1% or more* of your life insurance coverage to the Diocese to pass on love.

* Percentage ranges from 1% to 99% according to the Program plan. Please put on the form SO9000002 as the company registration number of The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

Put Words into Action • Step 1+2

  1. If you have already got a life insurance policy, contact your insurance intermediary or agent to change the beneficiary and percentage of the policy; if you are arranging for a new policy, do consider including the "Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong" as one of your beneficiaries.
  2. When the above is done, please send a message (WhatsApp 5291 4295 or email to to let the diocese learn about your will.

The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong has been registered as one of the beneficiaries of the "LifeCare Movement – Policy Donation” to jointly spread the message of love in the community. "LifeCare Movement – Policy Donation" is organized by the LUA Foundation Limited and "LifeCare Movement", and supported by the Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Ltd. For details, please visit website.

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