“Home among Homes Fund-raising Concert” has been rescheduled to November 2, 2022. Please read the April Chairman's Report for details.

Home among Homes Fund-raising Concert aims to raise much-needed funds to build new churches and additional urn niches and maintain church buildings within our Catholic community.

The core theme of the Concert echoes the Diocese’s call for Parish Renewal in pastoral care, reminding our parishioners to actively participate in the parishes’ services. Parish Renewal initiates familial love in the parish, embraces the new world's challenges and opens up the parish to the community with more updated services, eventually making the parish a "Home among Homes”.

All members of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese families will be mobilized to support this meaningful event. Cardinal John Tong will be performing together with diocesan clergies, missionary societies, conventual bodies as well as musical faithful in spreading the joy of our Catholic families.

We earnestly invite our brothers and sisters in Christ to support this sacred task of building new Catholic churches. Please book your tickets early and come join “Home among Homes Fund-raising Concert”.

Hearts Connected Online Donation

Let our hearts connect and sing our praises to God.

Approximately 3 weeks before the concert day, you can cheer and rally your favourite performing teams via the Hearts Connected Online Donation. Are you going to give them a boost?

“Faith, Hope & Love” Honorable Benefactors

We sincerely invite the monetary support, whatever the amount, from our brothers and sisters in Christ to honour God’s love and support the works of the Church.

In appreciation, the Commission will present a Certificate of Commendation to donors in the following categories:

(1) Faith Honorable Benefactor : Sponsorship of $30,000 or above
(2) Hope Honorable Benefactor : Sponsorship of $50,000 or above
(3) Love Honorable Benefactor : Sponsorship of $100,000 or above

If you are interested in becoming our Honorable Benefactor, please download the following document, sign and return the form to us. For any inquiry, please contact us at 52914295 .

Rev Dominic CM Chan's Video Sharing & Kung Kao Po Interview

Date / Venue
November 2, 2022
Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Wanchai
$1,250 / $800 / $400 / $200
October 2, 2022
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